SALE: Complete RPG games for Sega(all of it)/Snes/psx/pc/etc

OK i compiled a list of what i have for sale/trade whatever

Apart from games i also have MANY toys from sega and snes era, sonics, plushes,, etc. Also some rare pins and rpg promo stuff.

However please note that due to the fact that i am UNABLE to accept paypal - if you want to buy something, better buy more stuff at once to save on money order/bank transfer fees.

Almost all stuff is USA/NTSC

All pictures can be seen here:


Stuff for sale/trade


Lunar Silver Star – CIB, used. Good condition/no cracks

Lunar Silver Star – CIB, used. Good condition/no cracks (rarer variation)

Lunar Eternal Blue – CIB, used good condition

Battlecorps – CIB,used, almost new

Dark Wizard – CIB,used, good condition

Vay – CIB,used, no map, good condition

Prize Fighter 2cd, CIB, case is broken SOLD

Revengers of Vengeance (fighting/rpg) – CIB, used, good condition SOLD

Rise of the Dragon, CIB, used, case damaged SOLD


Sports Talk Football Starring Joe Montana 93', cart only, label damaged SOLD

Ceasar's Palace, cart only, fair condition SOLD

Exile – CIB, good condition, manual shows some use

Starflight – CIB, good condition with map, minor case damage

Altered Beast – CIB, used, mint.

Mortal Kombat – CIB, used, mint SOLD

Mortal Kombat II (2x) – CIB, used, mint

Mortal Kombat III – CIB, used, mint

Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition – CIB, used, mint

AD&D - Warriors of Eternal Sun – CIB, used, mint

Super Hydlide – CIB, used, photocopied manual

Fatal Labyrinth – CIB, used, photocopied manual

Faery Tale Adventure – CIB, photocopied manual

Phantasy Star IV – CIB, used, mint

Ys 3 Wanderers from Ys – CIB, used, mint as new

Sword of Vermillion – CIB, used, almost new, no hintbook

Landstalker - CIB, has sticker on cart SOLD

Sonic 2 – FACTORY SEALED, (very minor case crack one edge)

Sonic 2 - Factory sealed, mint


Sonic 2 – factory sealed

Shining Force - Sword of Hajya – CIB, used, good condition, box was crushed in shipping, but still ok. Else is mint


Actraiser – CIB, used, good condition + poster

Actraiser 2 – CIB, used, good condition, box missing one flap + poster

Secret of Evermore – cart+insert+box, box a little damaged, cart label shows some use

Lufia and the Fortress of Doom – cart

Ys 3 – Wanderers from Ys – cart

Final Fantasy III – cart

Final Fantasy III – cart, label damaged on back

Final Fantasy II – CIb, without manual, has writing on box

Lord of the Rings (2x) – cart

Ken Griffey Jr Presents Major League Baseball - cart

Super Bases Loaded – cart

Captain America and the avengers – cart

Eye of Beholder – CIB, used condition

Drakkhen – CIB, used, poor box/manual condition

Chrono Trigger – CIB with 2 maps, box has some damage, cart is ok, other is mint.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest – CIB with map SOLD

Robotrek – factory sealed, mint

Illusion of Gaia with T-shirt - factory sealed in big blister box, minor outer wear.


Factory sealed games:

Miracle Warriors 2x

Shooting Gallery - 2x (seal on one almost fallen apart)

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego

Parlour Games

Blade Eagle 3D 2x

Missile Defense 3D 3x

Fantasy Zone 2 - 3x

Maze Hunter 3D 4x

Rambo III - 4x, one is sunfaded

Astro Warrior 2x

Aztec Adventure (damaged)

Zaxxon 3D

Space Harrier 3D

Global Defense


Miracle Warriors – CIB, used, no map, mint

Golvellius – CIB, used, mint

Rambo III – CIB, new from shrinkshrap

Pro wrestling – box+cart, box does not close

Spellcaster – CIB, used, mint

Ys - Vanished Omens – CIB, used, mint


Legend of Oasis US NTSC – factory sealed, some rips in shrinkwrap, 1 minor crack on back


Crystalis – cart+manual

Wizards and Warriors – cart+box, box beatup


Pokemon - Blue version – CIB, used, mint


Pokemon - Silver version – CIB,used, still in shrinkwrap

Lufia - Legend Returns – CIB, used, box shows some use, else - mint

Harvest Moon - CIB, box shows some use, very good condition


Legend of Zelda - Link to the Past/ Four swords – CIB, used, good condition


Legend of Zelda OOT (original) – CIB, box shows use, else – mint

Legend of Zekda MM CE – CIB, box shows use, else- mint

Harvest Moon 64 – CIB, used, mint


Elder Scrolls Oblivion Collector’s Edition – factory sealed

Elder Scrolls Arena – CIB, mint, cd version

Beyond Good and Evil – CIB,mint

Cold Zero – CIB, mint

Dungeons and Dragons Online - Stormreach LIMITED EDITION – CIB, mint

Half-Life 2 – CIB, mint. Cd version

Trickshot – CIB, mint

Scrapland – CIB, mint

Titan Quest – CIB, mint

Farland Saga – CIB, mint no manual (japanese)

Menzoberranzan – CIB, mint cd version

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 – CIB, mint no manual

Spells of Gold – CIB, mint

Squad Leader+Gunship – CIB, mint no manual

Desperados - Wanted Dead or Alive – CIB, mint

Area 51 – CIB, box shows some use

Tomb Raider Chronicles – CIB, mint (I don’t think there was a big manual) SOLD

Forsaken – jewel case+art/manual

Beyond Atlantis – jewel case+art/manual

Star Wars Jedi Knight - Dark Forces 2 – jewerl case/art

Heretic (Shareware) – disc in generic case SOLD

Journeyman Project 3 - Legacy of Time – jewel case/manual/art

Civilization II in generic case + maps/poster

Star Wars - X-Wing vs Tie Fighter (only single player disc in jewel case/manual)

Baldur's Gate - Tales of Sword Coast – factory sealed SOLD

Planescape Torment – CIB, mint SOLD

Fallout 1 – CIB with everything ON HOLD

Fallout Tactics – CIB with everything SOLD

X-Com Terror from the Deep CD version - CIB, has weird small pin hole through box, mint contents


One – CIB,cracked case+ripped front art/manual

Galerians – 3x factory sealed (one copy cracked)

Darkstone – 2x factory sealed (one copy cracked)


Final Fantasy 20th anniversary – CIB, used, mint

Final Fantasy II 20th anniversary– CIB, used, mint

Final Fantasy Tactics - War of the Lions– CIB, used, mint

Legend of Heroes III - Song of the Ocean– CIB, used, mint

Monster Kingdom - Jewel Summoner– CIB, used, mint

Disgaea - Afternoon of Darkness– CIB, used, mint

Aedis Eclipse - Generation of Chaos– CIB, used, mint

Spectral Souls - Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires– CIB, used, mint