Game of The week

....What-ever happened to this section?!?

And what game would you like to see featured next (if it ever came back.....?)
What have you been smokin?

Please share it with us
biggrin.gif i'm not sharing it with anyone!
.....anyway.....i was offline for about a i may of missed a news post or somthing, saying the GOTW will be stoped. (if you did post anything like that.....) SO my-bad.........
It has its own board now. It became too popular for just a thread in the general or other sections. I should post about it though

Thanks for noticing.
THAT explains why I'm still seeing posts about Rez but nothing newer.

Where is this new board?
D'oh, I feel really stupid now. I thought this new forum was on a completely different website. I guess I didn't notice it because usually all I do is go straight to "New Posts" to go through everything posted since my previous visit.