Game system collections!

Just wondering if anyone else collects game systems. I recently just started in on the hobby and don't really have a large collection, but I think it's decent. My collection

Nintendo Entertainment system (original front loader game with Robot that is long since gone :()

Game Boy

Game Boy Color (Clear Purple)

Super Nintendo

Nintendo 64 (Black)

Nintendo Game Cube (Purple)

Sega Genesis 1

Sega Genesis 2

Sega Genesis 3

Sega CD 2 (I have two of these)

Sega Saturn 1

Sega Saturn 2

Sega Dreamcast

Game Gear

Neo Geo Pocket Color (Marble blue)


Playstation 2

X Box

Hope to have a Jaguar and 3D0 soon, just trying to convince my friend to sell me them.

All are American models...not hard core enough to start getting the Japanese/Europe ones yet. I also refuse to spend 99 bucks on those new PS1's!

I also may be getting an Atari 2600, Coleco, and Intelivision in the next week if everything works out. 32X I can with another Gen 2, but I don't really need another Genesis 2. Bad enough I have two model 2s of the Sega CD.


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Mine ain't big enough either.


Atari 2600


Sega Master System

Sega Genesis

Sega CD

Sega 32X

Game Gear

Super Nintendo





Among things I sold under extreme circumstances are my Turbo Graphix 16, and my Game Boy


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Mines rather big:

Atari 2600 x1

Intellivision w/ voice add-on x1

Sega Master System x2

Nes x1

Snes Model 1 x1

Snes Model 2 x1

Sega Genesis Model 1 x1

Sega Genesis Model 2 x3

Sega Game Gear x3

Sega Saturn Model 2 x2

Sega CD Model 1 x1

Sega CD Model 2 x2

Sega 32x x2

Virtual Boy x1

Gameboy x 1

Gameboy Pocket x1

Gameboy Color x1

Playstation x1

Dreamcast x1

Turbografx 16 x1

Gameboy Advance x1

Gamecube x1

PS2 x 1

Nomad x1

Coming soon are the Jaguar, Jaguar CD, 3do, Lynx and Colecovision (Getting a bigtime deal on all of em)

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####!! Am I the only one who liked Vectrex or RCA Studio 2, Channel F, Odessey 1 & 2? I guess I'm just real old school!
Sony PlayStation

Sega Game Gear

Sega Dreamcast

Super Nintendo

Sega Saturn

Sega Genesis

Sega 32X

I wonder what systems Arakon owns hehe ^_^
Oh I'd love to have the old OLD gaming systems, but unfortantly those are sometimes the hardest to come across. A lot harder to find those in pawn shops/used gaming stores.

I still wish I had my old Commodore Vic-20. :(
Lets talk OLD religion here...

First my "game" systems...

Atari 7800

Nes (Original)

Snes (Model 1)

Lynx (2 ed)

Game Gear


GB (BW) #2

GB Color

GB Color #2 (You ALWAYS have to have 2 of these with links...)


Sega (1)

Sega (2 ed)

Sega cd (1.10)

Sega cd (2.20)

Sega CdX

Sega Saturn

Sega Dreamcast

Playstaion (5505)

PSX (9000)



I think I had some more too...

ANYWAYS OLD religion now

Commodore 64

Commodore 128 (Both working to this day)

Emulator for above...(I love these games)

Atari (The Disk version...looks like a commodore)



Tandy TL2

For those who HAD a C64/128 can tell you how much FUN those simple games were...still ARE!!! If you can download Mail Order Monsters! Or maybe smash tv or ghostbusters =)

Anyways I can do them ALL now on my trusty ol laptop hehehe....1700$ laptop turned C64 and emulators lol