Gameboy Advance DVD Video

I seriously doubt that a feature-length film could fit on a standard GBA cartridge (32MB) without a serious loss in quality. Even considering the low resolution of the GBA screen, 32MB is (IMO) not enough for two hours of high quality audio and video. Even assuming some kind of miracle codec that could cram both video and audio into a 64kbps stream at good quality, it would take over 50MB to store a two-hour movie. Of course, even if a standard GBA cart could handle this amount of data, the memory required would make manufacturing quite expensive.
I agree with ExCyber .. his answer is 100% right ..

There is no way this can be done .. and even if they do it .. the movies will be low quality and will cost lost of cash .. i would prefer to pay 15-20 dollars for a DVD which is high quality than paying lots of cash to watch it on GBA ... and i am pretty sure it will be expensive ..
if you interested , there are trailers on the matrix and ice age .. coded for gba advance , they can be played in a system (via flash cartridge) or emulator .. the quality is excellent ..
Well, actualy, I heard some time ago that GBA carts could hold up to 256mbs of data. I guess that is sort of like with the N64 where they used especialy large (data file wise) carts for resident evil 2 so as to include the cut sceans and all.
They can hold 256 megabits = 32 megabytes. They could be made to hold more but that would require extra mapping hardware on the cartridge, something Nintendo seems to want to avoid (probably due to the board space a mapper chip would need on such a small PCB)
i read in a preview of the GBA a while before it came out that nintendo said yes the GBA has enough graphical and processor power to run FMV on the GBA, but they said that developers would need a miracle of compression to get anything substancial in length of FMV onto a GBA cart, in other words sure it can be done, but right now dont even think about seeing more then 5 or maybe 10 minutes of video, besides just a GBA cart like that would cost at least twice as much as a DVD movie cuz the more memory on a cart, the more it costs to manufacture the cart