GameGizmo mod board question...

At this point in time no 21 pin mod will work in a 20 pin Saturn.

There are some model 1 Saturns (oval power and reset buttons) that have 21 pin internals. These have a 64 pin IC on their CD board.

There are some some model 2 Saturns that also have the 64 pin IC on the CD board. I believe this is what is referred to as old model.

The newer model has a 32 pin IC on the CD board and are much more straight forward to mod.

Confused yet?

See if reading this and this helps any.
Okay, I think I should be safe. I've got a model 2 coming in the mail (it arrives Monday). When I open it up, I guess I'll find out what kind of chip's in there...

What the old/new pins are for are the diffrent lasers that came with 21 pin models. If the casing has round buttons it's a 21/new. if the casing has oval buttons it's either a 20 or 21/old.

It's irrelivant though because gamegizmo's saturn chips come presoldered to the "old" laser setting, and it works just fine with new lasers in that mode (I know it dosen't make much sense but just trust me).

I have to warn you that their chips arent always great quality. I ordered one overnight on july 30th and when it came it was doa. The system wouldnt boot with it installed and the chip started smoking. Wierdest thing I've ever seen with a mod. I returned it and it took them until two days ago to get me a replacement chip, although they were nice enough to send me two fully functional chips to replace the one I ordered. Anyone wanna buy my extra chip?