Games that should be updated PROPERLY


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I'm bored so I'm trying to think what games would be really cool to have sequels to, whilst being able to retain the originals 'feel' (ie not Metroid as a first person shooter). Off the top of my head:

Chase HQ (GTA3 for the good guys)

Shinobi (something like Devil May Cry maybe?)

Road Rash (SURELY a good one is due)

Samurai Shodown (Soul Calibur style)

Streets of Rage (where have all the brawlers gone?)

That'll do me for now. I'd be happy with those.
Shinobi (something like Devil May Cry maybe?)

I haven't played DMC yet, but I find it hard to believe that Shinobi could be done in 3D without losing its feel. With 3D graphics, perhaps, but I'd prefer high-res hand-drawn art for something like Shinobi.

Road Rash (SURELY a good one is due)

I think this one holds a lot of promise. Ever played the Sega arcade game Motor Raid? It seems to be very much inspired by Road Rash...

Samurai Shodown (Soul Calibur style)

I think SNK already did SS in 3D on the Hyper 64 hardware. There are fairly persistent rumors that SS5 is under development by someone, somewhere, but I haven't seen anything official.

Streets of Rage (where have all the brawlers gone?)

You might want to check this out.

Anyway, maybe I'm being unfair here, but your idea of a "proper update" seems to imply 3D graphics, which in turn seems to imply that 2D is outdated somehow. IMO, this isn't really true - the only things about 2D graphics that are outdated are crippling per-scanline and per-frame sprite limits, crappy palettes, low resolutions, and slowdown. Today's systems may be designed for 3D, but they happen to have kickass 2D potential all the same, and I for one would like to see some developers really take advantage of it...
Amen to that, Whats the rush to 3d graphics about? I mean, many games are based on anime, which is 2-d, I mean would you rather play something with semi-realistic 3-d graphics, or super clean 2-d? I mean there is a time and a place for 3-d but not always....for example (uses non sega game ex) look at suikoden 2 and suikoden 3, suikoden 2 had a wonderful look, 2-d ultra clean, beautiful backgrounds, only real problem was in the fight sequence, but with new system capabilties that can be taken care of! However 3-d suikoden 3 is just another 3-d game to me, it has no heart or emotion, even final fantasy with its beautiful graphics really just seemed like empty dolls to me, I want my anime games back!
Check out my Planet Harriers thread if you think I prefer 3d over 2d (my ambition is to produce 2d games). I think that comment is kind of unfair since the only one that would change out of the ones I mention is Shinobi and that was just a suggestion, Devil May Cry being the only decent 3d action-platformer that I can think of. Anyways, I was saying what I'D like to see and inviting other people to do the same, not inviting people to pick apart my choices.

Oh yeah, SS64 looked nice, but there's not all that many people gonna get to play it is there? I gather the Hyper 64 boards are pretty cheap, I'd try and pick it up if I had a jamma cab.. but I don't.

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I agree with you guys totally, I hate 3D just for the sake of it. In my eyes even the very best of the 3D beat em ups (IMO VF4 and Soul Calibur) have miles to go before they can touch Street Fighter Alpha 2, Capcom vs SNK 2 or Guilty Gear X. I find Super Mario World leaps and bounds ahead of Mario 64 in the gameplay and enjoyment stakes. I sometimes think that the quest for realism in games defeats the object, after all we play games to escape reality... well I do :biggrin:

Obviously I'm not anti 3D, as without it there would be no Sega Rally, Daytona USA, Rayman 2, Unreal Tournament etc etc...

But hey, I'm just an old school gamer, not of the PlayStation generation. Lowest common denominator always wins :(
Oh, I forgot the point of the thread...

Bombjack (although I'm not sure it could be improved)

Out Run (allegedly coming to Xbox)

Antarctic Adventure (Konami penguin racer for MSX)

Gunstar Heroes (if only...)

Arcade Pool (Amiga game, excellent gameplay)
Treasure set up based on the vow never to make sequels apparently, but Gunstar Heroes would be lovely. Shooters are games that just can never be done in 3d, at least no way that I can think of. Starfox 64 was good but they kind of verge more on simulations than shooters.
I'm not sure that Treasure ever vowed not to make sequels (and if they did, Ikaruga would apparently present a problem), but I think there's a definite intent to avoid building overextended franchises the way Konami and Capcom have done. I meant to list some candidates too, but got sidetracked finding a download site for The Rage... here goes:

Phantasy Star: PSO is nice, but it doesn't really follow the same tradition as the previous PS games IMO.

The Delphine Adventure Game (Out of This World/Another World, Heart of the Alien, Flashback, Fade to Black): Admittedly, I haven't played Fade to Black yet, but I'd love to see something along these lines.

What's Ikaruga a sequel to (we're a bit behind the news in Britain)? I just read once that Treasure was set up cos they were sick of pounding out Konami sequels and they wanted to avoid doing that sort of thing with their own company. Good call on Flashback etc. Fade to Black was OK, but it didn't grab me the way the others did maybe because of the whole 2d/3d thing, I dunno.
I don't have any details on the game, so I'm not sure that it's a sequel as such. However, it's been referred to in the past as "Project RS-2", and it's fairly obvious from the screenshots that it's a vertical shooter...
sorry if I seemed a little angry towards you! I didnt mean to attack you, I enjoy 3-d games too, and for the point of the thread

Gunstar Heroes (definitely)

Phantasy Star RPG (actual RPG)

and of course

Shining Force (Come on we need a 4th one by now)
ExCyber: The Rage... Yeah, it's swanky, but the skins are lacking greatly. I've posted a link to the site on my own board, and suggested that people make skins for it. The only problem is without a model viewer, it'll be a bitch and a half making detailed skins when the originals are so plain. Who can tell where the elbows and knees are? Where do the clothing textures wrap?

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I wish that Konami would have gone through with the Castlevania Game they were working on for the Dreamcast; it would have rocked!
As far as Streets of Rage goes, from what I've read, there are rumblings SoR4 may be coming to the XBox.

As far as I'm concerned, that's a load of crap, when DC owners got the imitation: Zombie Revenge. Just change the enemies, slightly modify the characters, and you'd have a pretty nice looking Streets of Rage 4. The camera angles are a bit odd sometimes (mainly the sewer) but otherwise ok, and I don't understand what people's gripes are with the controls - I think they're pretty solid. I still don't understand why they went with that kind of game... it's fun, but it's no Streets of Rage.

What would be really nice: Shining Force 3 TRANSLATED and cleaned up a bit (graphics wise) and brought to any damned system. I have the 3 CDs, but what good is it if you can't understand 2 of them? ####, put all the games on one DVD-ROM or one of those GC things (they hold up to 1.5 GB) and we'd be good to go.

Panzer Dragoon Saga is another I'd like to see out there.

Scud: Disposable Assassin in 3D would be pretty fun, ie a high speed Tenchu type game... actually, like Max Payne. But with Scud. =)

Sword of the Berserk... I dunno, I like the game. =) There's a lot of backstory that isn't covered, and the game lends itself to a sequel.

Dragonball Densetsu - I know a lot of people wouldn't agree with me on that one, but I love the game. An RPG/action game in the same vein as Shenmue would probably do the series justice... I know something like that is going to be on the GBA.

Gunstar/Guardian Heroes... Treasure knows how to crank out awesome games.

Nights - on a next gen system, how much nicer would that look? to say the least...

The Lost Vikings - c'mon, you liked it... =)

Dark Savior - I don't think/know if there is a sequel, but it'd be nice...

I have a thing for Silpheed, too... I know Radiant Silvergun II is coming out (name I can't remember) but these are fantasies, not realities. Right? =)