Generic Action Replay codes to force stereo and volume on CDDA tracks


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Here's a quick and dirty workaround to force stereo playback of CDDA tracks in some games that only output them in mono, despite said tracks having stereo effects.
Games that fell short in that regard include all 3 Lobotomy games, and a bunch of SNK ports.

Those Action Replay codes are generic because they directly force the value of the SCSP registers that set the volume and pan of the left and right channels of the CD audio :
  • The right channel is panned hard right to be output only by the right speaker.
  • The left channel is panned hard left to be output only by the left speaker.
  • The volume has to be forced because it's on the same register byte as the pan for each channel. It's set at the same value for both channels. As a consequence, when the codes are active, no volume change can be made by the game (like fade out or in) or by the player (music volume setting in options no longer work). Some sound artifacts may be heard in those cases when the volume is changed then quickly reverted back by the codes. On the other hand, it gives the ability to set the CDDA volume in games missing such option, and not just in the games that lack stereo for CDDA.
That's why I give the codes in a table depending on the volume you want to set. Usually, the max volume should be used to get a stereo sound level equivalent to the original mono playback.
Sound level0 (no sound)1234567 (max)
Codes35B00217 001F
35B00237 000F
35B00217 003F
35B00237 002F
35B00217 005F
35B00237 004F
35B00217 007F
35B00237 006F
35B00217 009F
35B00237 008F
35B00217 00BF
35B00237 00AF
35B00217 00DF
35B00237 00CF
35B00217 00FF
35B00237 00EF

Those codes are working for the following games to force them to output CDDA in stereo :
  • Darklight conflict : codes for sound level 6 are advised.
  • Doom : codes for sound level 6 are advised, with the custom master codes. Those AR codes are only needed in case you don't have a mean to use the fix patch.
  • Exhumed / Powerslave / Seireki 1999 - Pharaoh no Fukkatsu
  • Metal slug : only needed for the 1st version, and even then there's a workaround by setting the audio option to mono and back to stereo. The rev. A includes a fix.
  • Quake : using the default master code makes the game crash. I tested with following master codes :
    • For the US version : F6017918 C305 + B6002800 0000
    • For the PAL version : F60074B0 C305 + B6002800 0000 (found it myself cause I couldn't get one on the net)
  • Real bout fatal fury (nothing to do with the AR codes, but if using a RAM cartridge with a size selector, be sure to set it at 1MB or there will be graphic glitches, see
  • Revolution X : using the default master code can cause flickers (at least with my Action Replay cart, they don't seem to happen with PS Kai). Use F600093C C305 + B6002800 0000 to avoid that. I recommend to lower sound effects volume at least by 2 in the game options otherwise they cover the stereo music when shooting (which you do most of the time in that game).
  • Striker '96 : not really worth it as the CD track only serves for national anthems, of which you only hear the first 10 seconds, during match presentations that you can (and probably will) skip. Plus the AR codes cause some sound artifacts when the game cuts the anthems with a fade out that is countered by the codes.
  • The king of fighters 96 (same as Real bout fatal fury for the RAM cartridge size).
  • Trash it : sound effects are also mono by default and even though they can be switched to stereo in the options, there's barely any panning applied to them.
Those codes are NOT working for the following games :
  • Duke Nukem 3D : unfortunately, that game overwrites the whole master SH2 vector table at the start, which makes it impossible to trigger the Action Replay handler function whatever the master code.
  • Jonah Lomu rugby : the use of mono playback is intentional for the commentary CD track which packs different lines on the right and left channels. So the AR codes make the game playback 2 different commentaries at the same time, one on each speaker.
And before anyone asks, I don't intend to do a patch for those games except for Doom. I've got my hands more than full with that one.
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Tested with KOF 96 and works flawlessly!
With some notes below.

But doesn't work with Real Bout.... not 100%...
It runs the opening with stereo applied to it, but freezes in the load time...

Trying to apply the code and entering directly in the game, it freezes again in load time, with any player selected... with any code inserted...

Maybe it's fault of my setup?

I'm using Pseudo Saturn Kai v.6.437 in a Japanese model 2 Saturn, and original media...

The game plays correctly if I try to run it with Pseudo Saturn Kai inserted in the console.

My cart doesn't have RAM switch to 1-4Mb mode... It's an Action Replay 4-in-1.

Edit: with Metal Slug, it freezes the game at mission 6, in the middle of the pit where enemy tank appears... I played it twice, without success.

Playing without te AR code, the game runs normally.

New (and last, I think) edit: I'd finish KOF 96 with Terry team. the stereo audio worked very well, but the SFXs are much more loud than BGM, using thr 7th configuration.

And another strange side effect: if the player charge the power meter, it will be full for the entire round!
I was thinking that I made some mistake (activate some code pre-made on Pseudo Saturn), and made the input for stereo audio again, the same side effect...
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I've checked the stereo AR codes with a shielded red all-in-one cart with PS Kai v6.545 (the last version), switched to 1MB RAM, on a PAL Saturn switched to 60 Hz, using original CDs.

I don't reproduce any of the issues that you reported :
  • In Real bout fatal fury, no freeze during loads.
  • In Metal Slug, no freeze in mission 6.
  • In KOF 96, the sound effects are slightly louder than the music, not much more, see And the power meter does deplete once it has been filled.
Can you please follow those guidelines :
  • Check that your cartridge is shielded. Lack of shielding can cause problems, especially during loads. See I've used copper tape to shield my AR cartridges.
  • Upgrade to the last version of PS Kai.
  • Make sure that no other code is selected in the Select cheats menu of PS Kai.
  • Even if no codes are selected, there may be one or more codes that are automatically included in the Custom code input menu, from the code 1 line on. Those codes must be overwritten with the stereo codes, or deleted if there are more than 2. See for example.
  • Double check the codes that you input.
  • If you report issues, post a screenshot of the Custom code input menu.
Thank you for the reply!
I've updated my AR to PSKai to 6.545 and made new tests.

Well... part of my errors was lack of attention...

I've noticed that the first line of the inputs was already filled with some code, so I've write your codes in 2nd and 3rd line.
I was thinking that 1st line is obligatory to be there...

I've erased that line after see your video... and write the codes in 1st and 2nd line.

My results:
- KOF 96: all ok! The power meter depletes now.
- Metal Slug: all ok! Don't freezes anymore on mission 6.

Real Bout: sadly, same results... Freezes in load screens...

My AR is not shielded...
I'll try this when is possible.

And again, thank you for the tips!
Your codes are wonderful and valuable work!
Small update...

I'd put my Saturn model 2 TecToy (USA model) to work, just to see if this problem was in my AR, and for my surprise, it worked with stereo codes without any problem!

So, the problem was my console region (JAP)... some kind of incompatibility...?

If someone have a Saturn model 2 JAP, it would be interesting to test it too, and see if this problem appears...
I've tried Real bout fatal fury with the codes on my Japanese model 2 Saturn (VA15), and there was no problem during loads.

What's the motherboard revision of your Japanese Saturn ?
You can find it from the serial number on the back of the console, see, paragraph "Checking what motherboard revision a Saturn has (without opening the console)".
And did you retry after shielding your cartridge ?