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Radiant Silvergun has a Stage Select feature which is unlocked after clearing the game. It's a nice inclusion but, on it's own, it's useless for practice purposes because you will enter the stage with all weapons at level zero and hence will be severely under powered. In other words, it doesn't represent a typical play session.

This oversight was rectified in the PC / Switch / Xbox 360 ports which feature "Training Mode" that allows the weapon levels to be adjusted when selecting a stage:


This can be replicated in the Saturn version with the following cheat codes for use with Action Replay and Pseudo Saturn Kai:

Master code
F6000914 C305 B6002800 0000

Weapon Levels
D6076DFA 0000 3601CE03 00AA 1601CE04 BBCC

AA = Weapon Level A
BB = Weapon Level B
CC = Weapon Level C

Above values are in hexadecimal and the maximum weapon level is 33 which is 21 in hex.
For example, to practice a stage starting with A/08, B/09, C/10 :
D6076DFA 0000 3601CE03 0008 1601CE04 090A

Enable Code starting with D is mandatory. In both Arcade and Saturn modes, player one's score is stored in four bytes in High Work RAM from $06076DF8 to $06076DFB (the latter being the least significant byte) so this Enable Code basically controls the main codes like so:
  • When player one's score is zero, set the weapon levels to the desired values.
  • Once player one's score is greater than zero, stop writing these values thus allowing the weapon levels to increase from that point onward.
Attached to this post is a save file with Stage Select (along with all the other settings) in the Option+ menu unlocked which, paired with these codes, reproduces Training Mode sans Ikaruga chaining. Have fun and remember...



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