action replay

  1. privateye

    Radiant Silvergun - Training Mode in Saturn version

    Radiant Silvergun has a Stage Select feature which is unlocked after clearing the game. It's a nice inclusion but, on it's own, it's useless for practice purposes because you will enter the stage with all weapons at level zero and hence will be severely under powered. In other words, it doesn't...
  2. xrider

    I Need help for translate Sega Saturn Rom Cartridge

    Hello, I need help for translate a ROM of cartridge "X-Terminator" I have fixed the cardridge and now i would like translate in english. At the moment, only a japanese rom exist. This cartridge have lot of good point : -AR Code -X-Assist search Unit (no need pc for find cheat code) -it can...
  3. cafe-alpha

    Action Replay 1MB/4MB "automatic" switch

    Some earlier Action Replay cartridge models had a physical switch to select RAM mode, but recent ones are advertised as automatically selecting it, which is not technically documented. So does anyone have some technical informations (which register to write, etc) about how to configure expansion...
  4. vbt

    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    this topic will be used to collect details about pseudo saturn. : original sources : pseudo saturn kai