I Need help for translate Sega Saturn Rom Cartridge


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I need help for translate a ROM of cartridge "X-Terminator"
I have fixed the cardridge and now i would like translate in english.
At the moment, only a japanese rom exist.

This cartridge have lot of good point :

-AR Code
-X-Assist search Unit (no need pc for find cheat code)
-it can read import game (free zone patch)
-It can read backup game (with swap method,she stop the CD)
-Allow 1M ram for play SNK Game (Metal slug YES!)

You can see my work on it if you understand the french language HERE.

Bad point :
It's in FULL Japan... no translation exist.

I explane my probleme :

I have already translate lot of main title of the rom (it's easy with hexadecimal editor), but it's impossible for me to modify the graphic.)
The choise menu it's graphic compressed (probably) and i need a help for start the translation.
For the moment i don't have a way for continue...

Please help me :)

You can find the rom HERE (it's original rom, with no modification) only 256Kb.
You can test it with Yabause (Setting -> Cartridge Action replay)


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nice project !
did you locate already text ?
i tried online ocr, it's working well :

source :
Normal game
Modification game
Modified code search
Dead code
Backup note


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Hello Vbt and Ms. Tea

Thanks you so much for your help.

WHAAOOooo Ms. Tea ! What software are you use ? When i open the rom with Djinn Tile or Tile Pro a see nothing...

If the text of the menu screen is in tile, the next step is the modify font and remap the rom for point to the good letter ?



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it's not so easy, the text seemed to be displayed as bitmap, i'll check again


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i'd say the font used in the xterminator menus is not at 0xDF28, i've replaced 0xDF28-0xE0E0 and didn't notice any change.

yabause gives thes info :

NBG0 mode
4-bit(16 colors)
Tile(1H x 1V)
Plane Size = 1H x 1V
Pattern Name data size = 1 word
Character Number Supplement bit = 0

so tiles should be 8x8 with 4bp
the rom seems to contain ascii for, or it comes from the saturn bios.