Genesis model 1 mod

I have a model 1 genesis and read you can do a region mod for it.But reading the guides is knida confusing.Does anyone have a pic of how it is supposed to look after you have done the mod?
what you will see on a pic is 2 small cuts on the board and 4 wires going away from the jumpers, nothing more.

the exact setup will differ between board revisions and jap/us/euro boards.
Hmm... what board version is it? (It will be printed on the board as VAx where x is a number from 1 to 6.)

If it's VA3 or earlier, it probably doesn't have the 50/60Hz jumpers (JP3 and JP4), as the PAL machines weren't available at that time (1989 ish). You should still be able to do the 50/60 mod though, (possibly by cutting a trace or lifting a chip pin), but it's impossible to say without seeing the board.

I used to have a very first series japanese model (the first models released) and it had all 4 jumpers already and was modable.

I doubt there's only 2 jumpers, chances are the other 2 are located elsewhere.. check the bottom of the pcb too.
Well my genesis model 1 i think is a later model as it does not have the port in the back for the modem or the high 16bit graphics system label on the top.By bottom do you mean the the other side of the pcb? Also i did check carefully and still can't find any more jumpers.And i'm sure it is one of the model 1 gen that prevents unautorized games to play. :woah:
any of those I owned (and that's quite a few) had all 4 jumpers as well.

if possible, scan or take a pic of the jumpers and the entire board, and post them here.
If it will help anymore the side of the pcb where the volume knob and power switch it says on the board "PC BD M5 USA VA7"
On a VA7 Genesis motherboard, the JP3 and JP4 switches are on the upper left side about 1 to 1 and 1/2 inches below the RF output box. A couple of capacitors or transistors are bent to cover them up, but they are noticeable if you view them from an angle.
And what about a MEGADRIVE 1 ?? im going to buy an used one but i dont know what to buy Megadrive 1 or 2 ( megadrive 1 looks cooler to me : ) please helpme, im sure you can
Yep, get the model 1. It's sturdier, easy to add country switches to, and has the headphonejack.

I have one that's served me well since early '93.

And yes, it does look cooler