Gens 2.00 32x Bug Report

36 Great Holes Starring Fred Couples 32X (JU) [!] corruption on the roster selection which makes the game freeze.

Afterburner 32X (A) [!]

dont start.

BC Racers 32X (F) [c][!]

goes to black screen after sega sign and just plays music.

Cosmic Carnage 32X (A) [!]

crashes after menu screen when you select one player

FIFA International Soccer 96 32X (JUE) [c][!]

controls dont work.

Mortal Kombat 2 32X (Dec 1994) (JUE) [!]

some sprite errors in scoprions etc

NBA Jam Tournament Edition 32X (F) [!]

not supported.

NFL Quarterback Club 32X (F) [!]

not supported.

RBI Baseball 95 32X (4) [!]

missing background grahpics and some sprites.

Shadow Squadron 32X (E) [!]

black screen and just plays music after sega logo.

WWF RAW 32X (F) [!]

dont start.

not alot of people here go to the gens site and i posted it in the gens site before i did here, ExeterIsLame try reading the faq you probably dont have the bios files etc.
i assure you they work fine
Originally posted by whitesnake@July 11 2002,15:20

not alot of people here go to the gens site

The reason few people probably post there now, is cause Gens is just that bugs to report really...