Getting non-vga games to work with VGA....

okay.....i'm using the utopia disc to play some of my early import games (i.e. soul calibur and others) and they just plain wont run thru VGA.....isn't there a utopia vga disc out there somowhere? or how could i get them to work thru VGA?
From what I know, you have to find a copy and patch the ip.bin; if it isn't already patched. The game must have the VGA flag checked.

An utility to do that is IP.BIN 4 WIN.
Also keep in mind that there is no "magic bullet" to make all games work with VGA - it depends on how the game sets up the video...
If you are using an older version of the boot disc then it wont work thro vga only the newer versions of the boot disc supports vga
id suggest you try looking for it, as the main use for it would be perceived to be for copy use (i know theres selfbooting disc and such, but still its viewed as dc warez related by most people)