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I found a site that lets you connect your dc online using the dc's dialup modem and the pc's cable modem. I set up everything right but still cannot seem to be able to get online with the dc, both the pc and dc dont acknowledge each other. I have win 98

Thats the site, does anyone have any idea whats wrong?

Also, I heard that soem Dreamcasts had a modem thats powered by the phone line instead of the dc itself. Is there any way to tell if I have this type of modem?

What happens (in detail)? any error messages (besides the one from the dreamcast not being able to connect) What are you useing for internet shareing (i believe win98 can't do net shareing how this setup works with the included net shareing thing in win98se)
They DID mention that newer Dreamcasts (Not sure what they consider "newer" but apparently dreamcasts made in 2000+ apply to that catogory) came with modems that used the power of the phone line instead of the power of the dc itself to work. Thats likely why, im planning to build a phone line voltage simulator soon to see if thats it (the instructions are on the page)
some modems simply don't work.

there's nothing you can really do to fix it.

the modems aren't powered by the phoneline, phonelines differ between countries and there's not enough power to run a modem on them.
that doesn't work for germany, for example.. only with certain US lines. the voltage isn't to power the modem, btw, but to simply let the modem acknowledge that it is connected to a phoneline.
Well I live in the US and have a US dc, so no problem, I just wish there was some way of telling which modems use the line and which dont. Like by a model number or identation or something. Becasue I know a store nearby that sells video game components for cheap just thrown in a baggie.
keep your eyes out for a bba or use a dialup account if you can

i did attempt to get it working but found out halfway through that its impossible on win2k pro (it lacks something in the computer management window that you need) so id have to either reformat to win2k server or 98 or linux (which i didnt want to do) or buy a bba to be able to use the cable connection ive got

i brought the bba btw, and it works absolutly fine once youve set it up on the dc (just plugged it straight into my network with ics installed, and it worked once i gave it the ip address and such)
Well ya see, the problem with a BBA is that it costs 100 to 200 dollars, thats the main reason im just trying to use a dialup server.
Originally posted by megametalgreymon@Aug. 22 2002, 4:43 pm

i brought the bba btw, and it works absolutly fine once youve set it up on the dc (just plugged it straight into my network with ics installed, and it worked once i gave it the ip address and such)

That is of course, a very large blanket statement and you do need to make him aware that ICS does NOT always work with a BBA & you will also need either a hub, a router, or a second NIC in the PC which serves the connection to use the BBA with your current broadband.

If you keep your eye out you can find a BBA cheaper than 100$. I had one that I used for a week or so and then sold for 80$. Ebay is good, as is asking around online and posting want ads.

Try Here


Or Here
I dont want a BBA, Itll cost me at MOST $30 (for new 56k voice modem and phone lien voltage simulator parts) to hook up my dc to my pc, and ill mostly use it to download/upload vmu saves anyway. Not like I need to download files that are 1/4th of a meg at 100k speeds.
if thats all your after you might want to just consider getting a normal dialup account if possible as that would be far simpler

or get one of the cables to connect a vmu to your pc (nexus i thinks makes them) if you just want to transfer saves

i would have guess that he already knew the need for a 2nd network card or hub if he was going to use ics, but why do you say it doesnt always work cynnamin?
I do have one of those(actually is a device that lets me plug any dc mem card into my pc like a dex drive), but those cards only use the .DCI format, and a majority of online saves are in the .VMI/VMU format. And I have never been able to find a converter. Plus some games (like Sonic 2) only let you into their downloads section if you use their browser.