Getting stereo sound from the sega cd

okay.....i got a sega cd 2 with a genny 2 and a 32x and i want to get stereo sound from all three and connect them thru the A/V cables. do i just need the 32x stereo cables or some other stuff.

btw i ordered the pass thru cable from sega parts for my original genny/sega cd setup and they sent me the 32x cable that connects the unit to the genny. it was only $3 but still disappointing.
Use the two RCA jacks at the back of the SCD. I'm fairly sure all sound is passed through these.
yeah i tried that with the original model but there was some music missing which was very noticiable during the bios screen.
With the original model genesis it works a little differently - you need to run a plug from the headphone output on the genesis into the input on the back of the SegaCD, which is right next to the RCA jacks. It's a male to male cord, I don't remember the proper pin size but it's the same as a regular set of headphones.

You need to then turn up the volume halfway on the genesis.

There is an interesting quirk w/ the genesis, and it might be just me (but I do remember reading this in the manual) - if the volume is up, the genesis won't 'boot' properly. That happens to me regularly (because I forget) so just passing that on to you.

EDIT: What Ice said.
because you have the genesis 2, you don't need the mixing cables, and therefore, yes, you do need the genesis 2 stereo a/v cables and you connect those to the a/v out of the thirty too ex.

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