Getting the Dreamcast online

What service do all you use to play your DC online? I have tried a couple of different free services to get it online, but none seam to work with it, and I cant use the same internet service for my DC that I use for my PC because I use a cable modem, and I don't have the $ for a BBA for my DC. So can anyone here help me?
I think its still on a site called Dreamcast FUn, tells you how to use the free services with the DC> I'll get you the link.
I got it to work using Juno a couple of minutes ago. Its not quite as fast as I was hoping, but that doesn't matter seeing as how I don't realy plan on surfing the web with it, im just going to be playing PSO and download little VMU files. Thanks again for the help.
Can someone confirm that the number and setting i put into dreamkey 3 are what psov2 uses to play online cause I dont wanna get killed when the next bill comes in and I find out that it wasnt using my freeserve anytime number.
it depends what freeserve package your using

your best to actually copy the number off your pc dialup settings for the number, since fs charges a bomb if you were to phone them up

plus i dont trust the tech support of any company that names its servers after pokemon characters anyway