Gif Animation help

Hey guys.

I know this isn't gaming related, but how do I speed up the animation of my gif file?

I used Ulead Animator to make a gif file out of a video file that had a frame rate of about 24 fps. The gif file I outputted was about 16 fps or something like that.

How can I speed up the file to the original speed?

Thanks in advance
i dont totally understand what your saying but ill try to help , just in case you dont know a gif is made out of jpegs , when you make the gif you tell the program that makes it how many fps you want . Once its already made you cant speed it up unless you disect it then put it back together and tell it whatever 16 fps .

Also always open the gif to view it with windows explorer or somthing similiar that doesnt take up to many system resources .
Originally posted by Xavier@Jan. 05 2003, 10:00 am

a gif is made out of jpegs


Anyway, each frame has an associated delay value which you should be able to edit in any decent paint program. It'll still be a 16 fps animation speeded up to 24 fps, though.
LuraWave, which I assume you meant, is a wavelet compression algorithm. GIF uses the LZW compression algorithm which gets its name from the inventors, Abraham Lempel, Jakob Ziv and Terry Welch.
yeah sorry I meant gifs use still images .

In fact most gif makers dont like jpeg that are to colorful .

yes, i know about the delay values, I even set them at 1/100 or even 0/100 (lol) and they are still slower than the original video.

How can I speed it up more?