Giri Giri Project discontinued?


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From Zophar's Domain:

It seems that the GiriGiri Project is no more. I give you here a Babelfish translation of the main page. The translation is very inaccurate but the point seems clear:


GiriGiri Project was here...

These 3 years, in actualization of Saturn emulator directing

You endeavored variously. On the other hand, this emulator

Attendant upon growth, purely "my software" they declare

It stopped being circumstance. In reason, closing this WebSite

It declares.

Now the fact that it advances to the direction whose everything is correct simply is only is prayed.


The first paragraph is pretty cryptic, but the last sentence seems be saying that perfect Sega Saturn emulation in an easy-to-use form is now just something that the author prays for.

Well.. I guess there's always Satourne.
There's always the real thing, too.
I personaly hope its a long time before saturn gets emulated, cause the minute its to a playable stage, there will be 1,372,837 people here named SSJSONIC asking for roms.

Well, I guess some guys here knew at they are saying...

Some SXtremers said that so called "cyberdisc" from SEGA itself could be the giri giri emulator...

Maybe some SEGA experts have reviewed the giri giri's code, and made it much better...
Originally posted by IBarracudaI@Jan. 20 2003, 1:36 pm

Some SXtremers said that so called "cyberdisc" from SEGA itself could be the giri giri emulator...

When the Cyberdisc thing came up first I couldn't find any mention on the site that the emulator was made by Sega. Ben-J (admin/newsguy of Consollection) said that he was first told about it by MEGADEATH, the GiriGiri author.

I'm having trouble understanding the message, though. Is he implying the Cyberdisc people ripped him off, causing him to abandon development? If someone more fluent in Japanese than Babelfish could translate it, I'd be grateful.
Now that you mention it, you could read into it that the Cyberdisc is based on Giri Giri and perhaps now that it has gone commercial, he isn't allowed to work on it as his software anymore. ???

Definitely need someone who reads Japanese...
Damned cynical Aussies
. It's just a pity to see another Saturn emu give up.. Partly for selfish reasons, as I'd love to play Saturn games on my MAME cab (and take the Saturn to my bedroom so I can annoy my girlfriend by playing at night
I had a lot of hope for GiriGiri too
. I guess we'll have to wait until Satourne improves itself. BTW, for that Cyberdisc, I tried to check it out, but it requires Japanese Win XP. Maybe it will still work.

Anyway, with GiriGiri gone, I guess I have to buy a Saturn to play Panzer Dragoon Saga. Anybody know where I can find one for $30 to $50?
I would love to see a Saturn emu running as good as a PSX one.

Someday all our Saturns will die. I would like to be able to have something to play my games on without have to buy replacement systems.

Also, having one less system plugged into my entertainment system would be great
A good saturn emu will also be very useful for homebrew developers and game translators. Saturn is one of the systems with more interesting stuff unreleased out of Japan.