good games?

Here's a good place to start.

(hasn't been updated with all the newer games)

I'm partial to fighting games, but here's some of my favorites:

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Soul Calibur

Fatal Fury: MOTW

Jet Grind Radio


Capcom vs SNK

Bomerman Online

Virtua Fighter 3tb

many many more...

I love the system!
Originally posted by Surronded@Aug. 08 2002, 4:36 pm

Metropolis Street Racer

Sonic Adventure

Virtua Tennis

and more

Yeah Virtua Tennis is very cool!

You would initially think that a tennis game would be boring.

I did until I picked up the controller at Best Buy one day -- oooh it's amazing how much fun it is and how easy it is to catch on.
F355 Challenge (real mans racing not the GT crap)

Silent Scope (japanse version)

Toy Commander (like a military sim with toys)

Rival Schools Project Justice (awesome fighter)

Powerstone 2 (party)

Ooga Booga (very fun tribal party)

Music by Music (rare japanese composing game kind of fun)

Head Hunter (Euro pretty much the best metal gear type for DC)