Good N64 forums?

Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone has a good quality site similar to this one but with N64 info that they would recomend.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Cool, thanks. Heh, I feel stupid, the link to NintendoXtreme was staring right at me on the left side of the screen the whole time, duh. I'll check out the other one too, thanks. If anybody has any others I'd love to hear about them too thanks.
I was just over at Nintendo xtreme, What a ghost town! I was the only one there. I think it could us a bit more support from members there and here.
Yea, I know what you mean Falstaff. I have been realy trying to get people to come latly. Been updating the site with news like crazy, I started several new topics in different sections, and a new comic will (hopefully) be posted up tonight. Im also going to be talking with karny about an IB3 for NX, hopefully Arakon will help out with that if/when asked. past that im not exactly sure what to do for getting people to come over, and when ever we ask what should be done, few people are willing to speak up about what they think NX needs. Common people! what is it that you want?
Well, I'll do ,my part. I just registered. Seems the N64, Gamecube and the GBA would be the big draw, at this time. I belong to several forums. Maybe I'll do a little word spreading.
i just registered their today...yeah it is a ghost town, thats for sure...ill be sure to go...after all it was Nintendo that got me into games in the first place...