Dark Seed

With Halloween around the corner I was checking to see if any horror games on the Saturn that I hadn't played. Dark Seed was one, I can remember it from back in the day on PC and didn't realise it had come out on the Saturn. I checked it out and it's slightly playable with the English voice acting but obviously all text is in Japanese.

I had a search to see if an unofficial translation had ever been released but didn't find any info. It made me think was an English translation for the Saturn version ever started by anyone? I know it would be easier just to play the the PC version but playing it in full English on the Saturn would be an experience.
Hi, I've actually started Dark Seed 1 and 2. I need to find the documents, but the audio is quite easy to skip (one of them is already in English, I believe). As for the text, I think I've already identified everything.


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That's amazing, definitely wasn't expecting that both would be potentially getting translated! Let me know if you get any further with them. I would offer to help if you ever needed some but unfortunately I have zero hacking or coding skills!
I have too many projects, I won't do it, if you want information I can try to think about it.

There is also the two

The game is coded in 2 bytes, it must be passed in 1 byte. just like dark seed 2

The writing font is in Kana fon, kanji fon
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