Grand Theft Auto III


Mid Boss
I just finished the game (PC) and was completely underwhelmed. It's fun, and it's in 3D, but it has a lot of flaws. I love the series, I own all the previous GTAs for multiple systems, and this game is easily the worst of them.

A quick rundown of the things I think are flaws:

1) Too easy (in general)

2) Storyline too restrictive (compared to GTA2)

3) Can't run and shoot at the same time

4) Boats completely underused (first time in any series to use boats, and you barely use them for anything).

5) Missions aren't particularly interesting and are very brief

6) provides bullet proof vehicles to make the game even easier (why??)

7) Police are easy to deal with

8) Enemy AI too easy to deal with, especially on the last mission (you can stand stock still and they won't hit you).

I didn't use any cheat codes or anything either. I completed most of the side missions (Diablos, Yardies, etc.). I didn't really see a reason to do the vigilante or other missions.

Anyone feel the same way? I don't think it was a waste of $50, but I felt like it could be a lot better and a lot less of a PS2 port than it actually (or seemingly) is/was.

EDIT: The car physics are really messed up too.
gta 3 was kind of a disapointment to me too. i was expecting basically just a 3d version of gta 2 (ie. HELLA FUN).

there's only so many hoes you can beat down and rob before that shit gets old