Grandia and PS2

Anyone notice that Grandia 1 isnt quite compat with ps2? I get that sucker to freeze a few times =( Just lost 30 mins of play grrr....
I never use faster loading on my PS2, but I like the smoothing textures feature. Grandia doesn't seam to like you messing with eather enhancment that the PS2 can provide though.
Yeah its really nice, I laughed my ass off when I first saw it. I did not buy Grandia yet .. maybe later. planning to win the Nomad auction going now ... and im low on green so .....
I use NORMAL mode. Not the enhanced. Sometimes I can play with no probs, other times it would freeze at points =/ (Mostly in battle)

Anyways I learned that "speech" games DO NOT work well at all with fast mode. You get sync probs as well as faster talk and so.