grandia language

there's an european version in plain english, should be avaiable at local shops around here. guess around 200? or if somebody... oh well, no iso-begging in here... lol
I had a seed of doubt planted in my mind for a second there.. Aww, this has brought up old emotions. Why didn't anywhere but Japan get the good Saturn stuff?

Dude, get real. If a game was:

1) ONLY released in Japan.

2) NEVER released outside of Japan.

3) It's a RPG.

Then WHY would it be in English, since in Japan they all speak and read Japanese? Of course Suikoden is in Japanese, even the very first menu screen.

I never, ever, heard of ANY Japan-only RPG that actually had all of it's main texts in English. That only happens to action games, that require little to no reading, like shooters. In Japan they find that menus looks cool in English and stuff, but it stops there.
Suikoden 1 is also available on the Playstation in English, but it can be hard to find (at least the PAL version is).