Groove on fight

My goodness this game ROCKS! It feels like the same people

who made this made Guilty Gear X(that's a gem on the DC as

well). Ok, so the animation may be a tad choppy here n there, but the control is spot-on. The special effects - spectacular! This game just put a big smile on my face, hehe.

But what really topped it off was after my 1st fighter had been ko'd, and the second came in, and somehow I picked up my ko'd partner and threw it at the opponent! LOL!

That f*cking OWNS!!! AHAHA!!! Oh man, let's see something

like that in a capcom game(yeah right) hehe. And the tunes are top-notch. I've read somewhere on this board about the mp3's having the 2 second blanks, but mine do not. If anyone needs em, lemme know. Im on cable and the mp3s are only around 40 megs. Track 27 is DREAMY
I think the 2 second blanks come in depending on how you burned the disc. Track at Once (TAO) mode inserts brief pauses between your audio tracks while Disc at Once (DAO) does not...
Ah yes DBoy I read a previous reply of yours regarding this issue. It's my understanding that the blanks are added somewhere during the mp3-wav conversion, OR when the iso

is binchunked. Also, it's not a problem with most games I have. Just a few have some issues. Take Gun Frontier for example. The mp3's and wavs are fine, no extra blank space before the tunes at all. But the tracks don't start/end correctly. And in the 1st stage the theme doesn't play at all. Only conclusion I can come up with(after researching) is the cue file needing start/end times for the tracks. So if someone has such a file...