Gunstar Heroes

Actually found a copy of this game...finally! 9 bucks...not bad...

Really good game...I can see now why it's so loved.
my friend had it, i always played with double homing stars or electro homing :) we completed it in record time, great game. I have the rom of it, am keeping an eye out for a cart
I have GH and Dynamite Headdy in cartridge and Yu Yu Hakusho, Alien Soldier and Light Crusader in roms and I have to admit that Treasure was the best company in Genesis.

GH has good graphics, animation, colours, music, sound, enemies, special effects, playability... and two players mode.

If you want a really good game for your Genesis get a Treasure one (I´ve heard that McDonalds Treasure Land is not very good but the rest are excellent).
Hey, at least thanx to that eejit on the buy/sell wanting $50 for a multicart with gunstar heroes on, i looked for it and i saw it being sold for a pound gonna have to get one of those multicarts when i have some disposable cash