Hammerhead FX gamepad

It`s a nice pad- the default settings suck for emus (uses analog stick instead of dpad), but that can be changed by going to game controllers in control panel, and clicking on properties, and choosing "sports simulation". Problem is, every time I reboot I have to reinitialize the settings. I want it saved, dammit. Can anyone please help? (I`m using WinMe, and it`s installed via the gameport, not usb port)
Learn to live with that, I never could do it neither. Maybe you can try to connect it to the usb port with the adapter included (I lost mine).

I got rid of the problem buying a psx->usb adapter and a ps2 pad.
When I had a laptop, I used the usb connection, and it didn`t even the option to change to the dpad.

And I don`t wanna clog up my usb ports (besides, usb joypads suck up extra cpu power compared to the joyport right?). Guess I`ll have to try other message boards, and/or harass interact.