Hand on with the new Sonic Heroes


What system is it coming out on? and when?

even the Chaotix crew (vector, espio and charmy) are in the game! (no sign of mighty tho!)

i can see several things wrong!

Vector NEVER had a gold chain round his neck before! :confused

shadow looks far too animated (like Link in the new zelda game!)

gamma looks too fake! (shiny)

Amy/knuckles have BIG feet!

and is it me, or did BIG the cat put on a few too many pounds!?!


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it's being release on all 3 of the current platforms

pretty cool huh?

the first Sonic on PS2 and XBox ever
X-BOX i can believe.....but PS2....hmmmm

i always thought that sonic team would of done a PC conversion of Sonic Adventure.......in it's day it would of looked great! (and still would!)
I am very excited about this, but I hope Sega beefs up the graphics a tad. Those screens almost mirror the Dreamcast version of SA2