Has anyone played the Sega Smash Pack?


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If you've has played the Sega Smash Pack for the DC, is the Virtua Cop 2 a good port?

Is it like the Saturn version?

How is the light gun support?

How is the sound/music?

Please lemme know

Virtua Cop 2 on Sega Smash Pack I think was a port of the PC game so the graphics are touch better. Music is just like the Saturn cd tracks.

The only part that I had a real quibble with was the sound effect they played for the alarm. It was in a building were the alarm goes off and red lights would swirl. The Saturn alarm sounded better while the Smash Pack one sounded terrible. But that's the only real flaw I can pick on.

I don't know about lightgun aspect as I've never played using one.
oh -- i guess a PC port would make sense.

I forgot it's the DC VC2 is WinCE based.

Does the alarm just sound garbled or what?

Is it only used on the one scene?

Thanks for your comments
The sound is only for one area. It isn't the burglar alarms you here at the start of the game. It's a building alarm, I forget what part of the game it's in, later in.

It's an area where the doors open and alarms go off as you walk inside a grey room, through the balcony area. Computer stations I think are in the area below. The ceiling has these red swirling lights. I do like the lighting it does. May not be best but I don't think Saturn version had that. If only the sfx of the alarm didn't spoil it. Oh well.

The Saturn and DC used two different sounds for it. Hard to describe it. Sorta like a sonar noise mixed with a chain-like scraping noise. Very low toned and generally cheap sounding.

Of course it's just a minor complaint considering it's the only complaint. Everything else about the game is just fine.
yes, it does support the light gun

and vc2 with the lightgun is the -only- reason

to but the smashpack as the emulated genesis games are a ****ing insult owing to the awful sound emulation and sega swirl

uhhh... whatever
I'm not quite sure why, but I actually prefer the Saturn version over the DC one. To be honest, they look identical IMO. Still a great game, but it can only be enjoyed with a light gun. Playing with a controller really isn't exciting at all.
I played it quickly awhile ago....and I still remember that damn alarm

The game itself was pretty good, decent port... I think it had some dc stuff like a Shenmue poster and at one point it had the choice between 'original way' and 'dreamcast way', can't be too sure tho. playing with the gun was just like all the other gun games on the dc...except those were newer.

I think the Shenmue poster was in the subway level right before you get to choose different directions.