Has anyone seen the new video for Postal 2?

I just saw the preview video for P2, and I must say....damn...but not in a good kind of way.

I don't believe in censoring games at all. I've played the original Postal, though I didn't care for it. I've played GTA, GTA2 briefly (it sucks), and of course GTA3 for PS2 and PC (plz send Vice City to PC heaven soon Rockstar!) and perhaps one of the most gory and violent games to date, SOF 2. Now, SOF2 pushed my boundaries a bit, but actually the gore didn't bother me as much as the whole jingoistic tone of the series (I'm at a very liberal college, so sue me.) So, I don't mind violence. Mind you, realistic violence nowadays is starting to wear on me a bit- it can get really disturbing. The invasion on Normandy scene forced me to stop playing - why on earth did we send so many people to their deaths that day? And in SOF2, I remember shooting a guy in the jaw. He was gargled blood sans lower jaw, stumbling around, then finally collapsing in gory death. That was....interesting. Maybe it's just me, but this stuff just doesn't interest me anymore. Perhaps it's because I'm getting more interested in arcade-style games like Neo Geo stuff and Treasure Games (yeah!) but I don't get jollies from disemboweling an enemy. I'm weird that way.

Anyway, the preview video was really, really out there. I've seen all the preview pics and read nearly every article on the game, but to actually see the game move is a totally different thing. To me, it actually looked a bit cheesy. The whole structure felt shoddy - the animations were a bit wonky (though the physics was excellent), the game didn't seem to be fully utilising the Unreal engine, which is a kickass engine. And ok, I'll finally say - there's some sick sh** in this game! I mean, showing a someone snipe a guy even when he's dead....jesus. Perhaps in some weird Oliver Stone "Natural Born Killers" meets Bret Easton Ellis twist, this game is a cogint comment on our society. Or perhaps it's just a pyschotic game meant to vent your frustrations. I don't think I'd like to meet Vin Desi in person - his juvenile assumptions about violence disturb me a bit.

I'm expecting a bunch of replies in form of "it's just a game" or "stop being so anal." I know it's a game, and whether or not I'm anal is for you to decide and come to an unfounded conclusion. This message is really for people who perhaps share a similar sentiment. I'm guessing the game is in an early build (or not? Isn't it supposed to be released soon? But even so, when I want to vent my anger I play Quake 3. Yes, there's blood and gore but it's more like a sport. The gore isn't meant to be a center piece of the game. And, if anything, MOHAA has proven you really don't need blood, or even gore (which I admit is really unrealistic and idiotic to leave out of a game of this genre) to be effective. I'll never advocate the censorship of games like GTA 3 or Postal 2. But where as gamers do we draw the line? Or perhaps we as gamers should continually push our moral boundaries in games, one of the few safe places to do so? I leave that question open to you guys.
Originally posted by tsumake@Oct. 10 2002, 2:29 am

I've played the original Postal, though I didn't care for it. I've played GTA, GTA2 briefly (it sucks),

GTA2 does not suck. The fact that you played it briefly may have given you that assumption, but GTA2 was miles better than GTA1 in car physics and character control, and weapons (and missions!), and loads better than GTA3 in the difficulty and missions department. The DC version is dumbed down compared to the PC version, which is all out awesome (both of which I own). Go play it now. You can rent games at Yahoo or something now, a week for $5 bucks - GTA2 is there.

And as for Postal 2: Postal the original game was intended to push the envelope of violence as far as it would go, although in this day and age (sadly) the game seems tame. I remember when the game first came out, and reading reviews of it in such magazines as 'HomePC'... they were just horrified as to how violent the game was. 'Doom was violent, but this is far worse' kind of deal. Postal 2's intent is the same. And I mean the concept itself is fairly interesting - the selling point is how violent the game is.

Some people will be repulsed, others will embrace it with open arms. As for me, I never played the original postal, and won't play this new one.
wierd, and yet funny in a way...Blood 1 and 2, TwiSted MeTal: BLACK and Thrill Kill are my Favorite games of all time.
I like em bloody......the more gore the better...keep em coming, yum yum!!
holey damn you got a copy of thrill kill?! That was only on the market very briefly!! How much you want for it?
i like the fact that in sof2 its your own personal choice to turn on the gore i think they did a good thing with that. cuz somedays i just wanna shoot some digi-person and watch em die horribly and someothers i just wanna run around completing missions and not being distracted by that gruesome show. and the original postal was pretty cool. and gta2 is the bomb i love that game too bad it has issues with xp.
I only got it (Thrill Kill) from a friend of mine, the game appears to be incomplete , its really cool, but seems to only be a prototype or beta as the game freezes up at match 4.
sadly the game was never completed. But what they did finish is completely awesome!!
No i do belive the game was complted because I have charecter moves and a startagey guide in an old version of EGM i belive it was. I remember like 2 of the characers. One was a postal worker who went insane. He enjoys jazz and is the juggernaut i believe? The other one is a doctor who's passion is exparamenting on small woodland creatures for no apparent reason.
yup those are 2 of the charactors in the game plus there is an imp guy on spiked stilts, a maniac with a chain, a couple of girls that are into S and M, a cannibal, a Giant creature like thing plus more...the game plays perfectly until you get to the padded room with the bloody hand prints everywhere.....it just seems to freeze up.....sad isnt it. Before you play its got warning stuff everywhere and tells you not to play it if you are under 18....its wierd, Virgin did a great job with this game , the fatalities are simply gruesome..... I love it. If you have an ftp I can upload it to you. Its a small title.
There are 2 versions of Thrill Kill out there. One with an opening FMV (big file, finished game) and one w/o an opening FMV (small file, unfinished game). From what I have heard neither should freeze up. FAKK, maybe u should try and find a place to DL it off of the net; you prob have a shitty copy. If you find a place/FTP send me a PM, I REALLY want this game.
actually there are 5 versions of this game made, 4 betas and 1 final, none of them were officially released, so what did I do, I went out and bought the final version (just now) plus I made a 30 page (give or take) full color manual with it, and Ive also got full color cd label and case covers... and now it looks like the real thing. I should recieve the real game in a day or two, then Im going to release it on my web page for everyone to download, EA says its dead and they won't release it for its not appropriate for anyone no matter what age they are, I say the game got finished, and someone WILL release it FOR them,... ME! Fuck EA and thier holier than thou attitude!! This game will be released to the masses in its full glory!! with or without thier permission....get ready just a few more days to wait.
Holy sweet jesus! Where u find a place to find it? and also you are gunna scan all the shit it comes w/ so we can print our own manuals and shit? cool cool, can't wait.
lets just say I got mine from eBay, and yes I am making the full color manual, with all the moves and artwork from the game to put on the net as well.
I hope it will be ready by friday...

NOTE: I had to use a double cd case to put the manual in, its too thick to go in a normal cd case. (too many pages) So the game goes on one side and the manual goes in the other side of the case. It will look pretty good when I get completely done. Not perfect, but very nice still.

I would like to add some stuff to the manual, but its getting big...I would like all the bg stories on every person in the game... You got that egm handy?? Or remember what edition of EGM its in....Ive got hundreds of EGM magazines in the garage from the very first episode, same with gamepro and s.w.a.t. pro magazines (Not to mention allmost all the Nintendo Power Mags as well, But who reads those anymore?)

My Favorite EGM I own features a full 2 pages of Dracula X on the PC Engine....