Having an issue with satconv.

I converted a Bomberman Wars bin/cue to USA/Canada using the copy of satconv from this site. However when I put it in my saturn and start it up, it shows up as an invalid cd. But, if I use my Pro Action Replay 4-in-1 it works fine. When I load the bin in satconv again, it shows that the Area symbol has changed to U (I'm assuming this means USA), however, compatible peripherals is still shown as J (I'm assuming this means Japan). Does this mean I somehow need to convert the compatible peripherals info? I tried to redo the conversion using the clear other codes when patching option to see if that'd work, no go. It's really no big deal having to plug the PAR 4-in-1 cart in my saturn, but I'd rather keep my sega memory cart in. Any help would be appreciated.


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In the peripherals field, "J" means standard controller (from "joypad", I assume). I doubt the peripheral codes have any functionality and are there mainly for some QA purpose.

Can't help you with getting the game to work, though.