Hey Guys,

Which version of Headhunter is better, the PS2 version or the DC version? I'm thinking about getting this game and was wondering if I'll have to import it
Umm..the DC version of course. And not only because it's on a sega console. It looks better and the controls work better too. Plus that game in VGA is godly.
Dont think theres much difference between the two. The PS2 version has one advantage though,theres no disc swapping needed as all on one DVD.
Originally posted by Jaded God@Jul 15, 2003 @ 03:06 AM

wow, one disc swap you have to make when you get to the 2nd disc

Yeah I know but its about the only difference between the two I can think of.

Some people are very lazy :biglaugh

The best way to decide is just to buy whatever version you find the cheapest.