Heart of the Alien

Yeah, I remember the sequal to Another World/Out of this world...

I was Nintendo only back then...

But I wanted to get a MegaDrive + MegaCD just to play it...

But... someone failed me... Heart of the Alien never came to Europe...


I never got to play it...

Untill recently, thanks to both Gens + the fact that I now own a MegaDrive console + MegaCD with switches, I got backup units and what so ever...

Also, neat thing that Out of this world was included onj the HotA disc ^_^

Oh, by the way...

Someone told me + I've seen it mentioned on some strange sites...

That a game nr.3 exists in the Another World/Out of this World series...

I think it was for Amiga32 (Amiga CD?) or something...

Not sure though...

(haven't seen anything, only read + heard)

(No, not thinking about Flashback + Fade to black)
Fun, and hard as hell!

I thought since I could play and beat the original without a guide or help, that I could beat the 2nd. Hell No! I can't leave the 1st board! I just keep feeding the damn lion . . . but don't tell me how ;-)


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Hell No! I can't leave the 1st board! I just keep feeding the damn lion

Hehehe, your telling me :lol: The best I have done is to run away from that lion, swing on vine, go over lions head from the vine, then run in the direction I previously ran from...only to die because for some strange reason the lion is a faster runner than I am :p .

And also, the animation (don't do anything at the title screen) is COOOL :) Hehe, that things funny to watch (specially if you add your own script of dialogue for it)...
CrazyGoon, are you talking about the 1st game or the 2nd. I havn't even found the vine on the 2nd.

I should also mention that this is the game primarily responsible for me finding the SegaCD scene, and probably this site. I remember reading once long ago that "SegaCD emulation development is still far away" :) . . this was long ago during the peak days of Nesticle. . . and so I put SegaCD on the back burner.

This was also the first CD-based game that I've ever "obtained" for my US model SegaCD.

One day I was reading up on "out of this world" for the SNES, and came across a page explaining that part 2 was only released on SegeCD. My jaw dropped! . . My freakin' jaw fell of my head when I read farther on where I can "obtain" it!

It was a sweet day. Finding out one of my fav SNES games has a sequal, but disappointed I'll probably never find it, and then only whiplashed into Nirvana when I found I was just hours away from having my own copy!

. . . and then I found this place! . . and then I . .

oh you get the point.

Geez! I love you guys! :blush:


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heh, I can't remember whether it was 1 or 2... It's the one which you start in some lake, where you have to swim to the surface before you get dragged under by some tenticales or something. You get out from the lake, and if you walk left you will find the vine.
I think you're talking about the first one. The first one starts out with the little guy swimming to the surface. If I remember correctly, you had to run away from that bear-like creature, swing on the vine, then go back to where the creature was and then at the last second, the creature is shot by someone in the distance. That's when you meet the aliens. The second game takes place at the same time as the first one, except you actually play an alien. There are some parts where you intermingle with the Earthling from the first game. Is this bringing back some memories?

Anyway, both were very fun and both were included on the same Sega CD. At least mine was. I'd have to say that that CD was my favorite Sega CD (well, maybe except for Lunar) because it had 2 awesome games on it.

As for the game being hard. I was able to finish both games within a couple days. Of course, back then I was REALLY into game playing. The only thing I didn't like about the second game was that one of the main characters dies at the end.
yea, that's for sure the 1st one.

. . . and to be exact, On the 1st one you must go right and kill all of the leeches first to clear a path, and then continue until you see the lion, and then run like hell to the left, jump on the vine, swing from the left to the right, run like hell to the right and the Aliens shoot the lion right before it eats you. Then the Aliens shoot you. :)


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Then the Aliens shoot you. :)
Damn, that guy never gets a break, does he :p

Yep, must have been the first one then :) That means the wicked intro is probably from the first one aswell :)