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A New mod for sega saturn that turns WWS 98 to WWS 23 Update by retro dad and modern lad.

What MODs have been made:

- Man City replaced Coventry City (badges,images,names,players, team rating, custom kit, sounds)
- New custom title screen and menu background
- Custom sega sports screen
- Custom RD&ML opening video
- Changes to option names to make more accurate
- New BGM music from both WWS98/97 (in the new patch this has been left out for ease of patching and will now be added in a potential update)
- All 1728 players in the game have updated names for 2023 season
- All club teams have updated team ratings
- Al premier league teams and top 5 teams in Spain/France have updated player statistics/ player appearance/ correct kicking foot
- 5 new advertisement hoardings around the pitch
- All new power shot (like fifa 23 ish) exclusive to the worlds top 5 strikers!!!

Please read the WWS23 text document for patching details and other information.

If you encounter any issues or have any questions please post below.

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I haven't tried it yet, but this is a pretty cool looking hack. WWS '98 was one of my favorite Saturn games, I played it well into the early 2000's. The other sports game that comes to mind for a roster update is WSB '98.
Only the worlds 5 best strikers can do the power shot..... They are Haaland (Man City), Nunez (Liverpool), Mbappe (PSG), Benzema (Real Madrid), and Lewandowski (Barca).

To perform the power shot quickly double tap "A" if not facing directly at goal (press d-pad in the direction you want the shot to go in) or for a straight power shot quickly double tap "B".

The power shot is really powerful and quick, but more difficult to be accurate. Power shots can even rip through the net!!
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WWS23 Update US version now available!!

Includes all pal updates.

US version extra updates:
- The national teams for Brazil and Argentina now have custom player stats, player appearance, and correct kicking foot for the updated players.
-The original US version of the game did not have the licence for premier league team names like the pal version. This meant teams where named after the city they are located in and not the real team names. For example, Arsenal were called London and Aston villa were called Birmingham. I have updated all the premier league names, team announcements, and the commentary to the official names.
- The commentary does not stutter on the US version unlike the pal.
- New custom title screen for the US version.
- Fixed a slightly miss aligned on dreamcast advertisement in one of the stadiums, and other small fixes.
- In the US version of the game on the VS screen for premier league teams it shows the team flags, while the pal version shows the kits instead. I have updated the US version to show the kits like the pal version.

To download us region see video description. Pal region available from Sega Xtreme resources

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Congratulations to treble winners Manchester city (league, champions League, fa cup).... And remember you can play as Manchester city for the first time ever in the Sega worldwide soccer 23 mod for Sega Saturn after I added them!!

After man city won the treble i couldn't help but share my mod again :joy:

Download available in pal and ntsc for Sega Saturn and it's out now.

The 2023 football season has now come to an end and I will be releasing my final WWS 23 updates in the coming weeks.

The last update for the US version of WWS 23 is available NOW!!

New July 2023 Update:
- England, France, and Spain national team players have been updated to feature 2023 player looks, stats, and correct kicking foot.
- Messi has been changed to number 10 for Argentina national team (requested in youtube video comments)
- Added custom music selection that can be listened to instead of commentary when playing a game. There are three tracks, they are 2 classic tracks from WWS 97 and the best track from WWS 98. To listen to them, go to "options" from main menu and select one the BGM tracks. Then when playing a game "press start" and you can change to listen to any of the three BGM tracks at anytime.
- Some minor fixes including a mistake from the original game where in edit mode for the France national team a defender had the position of midfield. This did not match the players in game position. It is now fixed and the player is a defender in all modes.

The download link for the latest US version of WWS 23 Update MOD can be found in the description of the video below.

The next update coming soon will bring the PAL version updates up to the same point as the US version, and my last update will be to release the Japanese version which will have all the updates in the US/PAL versions with the added benefit of being able to play it online!
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retrodadandmodernlad updated Sega Worldwide Soccer 23 Mod with a new update entry:

WWS 23 Update PAL Aug 23 Patch

Final PAL version Aug 23 update available NOW !!

This updates the PAL version to the same point as the already released update for the US version.
The patch version excludes the updated music (i.e. in match music from wws 97/98) this is due to ease of patching. A PAL download including the music is available from the video description of the below video.

Aug 2023 Update adds to the pal version (as well as all previous jan 23 updates):

- Argentina...

Read the rest of this update entry...
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