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Sega Worldwide Soccer 23 Mod 0.91

Sega Worldwide Soccer 2023 Update Mod For Sega Saturn By Retro Dad And Modern Lad

A Mod for sega saturn that uses the game WWS98 and updates it to WWS23.

What MODs have been made:

- Man City replaced Coventry City (badges, images, names, players, team rating, custom kit, sounds)
- New custom title screen and menu background
- Custom sega sports screen
- Custom RD&ML opening video
- Changes to option names to make more accurate
- New BGM music from both WWS98/97 (this has been removed from updated patch for ease of patching and will be added back in for a potential future update)
- All 1728 players in the game have updated names for 2023 season
- All club teams have updated team ratings
- Al premier league teams and top 5 teams in Spain/France have updated player statistics/ player appearance/ correct kicking foot
- 5 new advertisement hoardings around the pitch
- All new power shot (like fifa 23 ish) exclusive to the worlds top 5 strikers!!!

Please read the notepad file in the download for important information on the game and patching

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The patch to keep our World Cup fever alive, and how better to acheive that than on OUR FAVOURTIE CONSOLE!