Sega Worldwide Soccer 23 Mod

Sega Worldwide Soccer 23 Mod 0.99

Final PAL version Aug 23 update available NOW !!

This updates the PAL version to the same point as the already released update for the US version.
The patch version excludes the updated music (i.e. in match music from wws 97/98) this is due to ease of patching. A PAL download including the music is available from the video description of the below video.

Aug 2023 Update adds to the pal version (as well as all previous jan 23 updates):

- Argentina, Brazil, England, France, and Spain national team players have been updated to feature 2023 player looks, stats, names, and correct kicking foot.
- Messi has been changed to number 10 for Argentina national team (requested in youtube video comments)
- Added custom music selection that can be listened to instead of commentary when playing a game. There are three tracks, they are 2 classic tracks from WWS 97 and the best track from WWS 98. To listen to them, go to "options" from main menu and select one the BGM tracks. Then when playing a game "press start" and you can change to listen to any of the three BGM tracks at anytime.
- Some minor fixes including mis-alignment of dreamcast advertisement in one the stadiums, and a mistake from the original game where in edit mode for the France national team a defender had the position of midfield.

Read the read me note pad file for important information including patching, MOD information, and some very useful game tips.

Hope everyone enjoys and thank you to everyone who has supported the mod !!