Heihachi, Link, or Spawn?


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I haven't played the game, let alone all three versions to judge which one has the best additional character :blush:
Don´t like Heihachi...

Think Spawn was a good idea, but I can´t say I´ve heard anything positive about him in-game...

(Spawn = Cool, but SC2 Spawn acts strange is what I´ve heard)

+Link acts a bit "too" Smash Bros Style...

(With his Bombs and arrows)

(Thank GOD he´s not a spin-cut newb/retard like Young Link in Smash bros is though)


I don´t like any of them...


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Man, the PS2 version must suck.

Everybody either wants Link or Spawn, plus it technologically the worst


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Except that SC2 is a System 246 game originally, so it's the port that's least likely to screw anything up.


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hell yeah I have to rent the ps2 version, to do a side by side comparison, but the gamecube and xbox ver are THE best out.... IMO.

Link is the best.

Spawn feels too much like another Rock/Astaroth.

Heihachi is actually shockingly broken with his ludicrously long combos. Often a single long combo will result in a far-too-quick ringout. Really puts you on guard against a good Tekken 4 nut.


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Well, I have yet to see anyone play Tekken real seriously. Afterall it IS a buttonmasher. You can just about master one character in a week or two. I've been playing VF for seven years, and Sarah for six, and I have yet to come EVEN CLOSE to mastering her! That's what makes VF great. Ah... instead of playing Madden 2001 (PSX. The PoS2 version is crap, like all of EA's sports games), I'll play some VF: Evolution :D
link. just cause he's link and i like the gamecube controls (call me crazy!)

speaking of VF:EVO can you get it non-greatest hits? i hate those red packages.
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speaking of VF:EVO can you get it non-greatest hits? i hate those red packages.

nope -- it's automatically a GH [/b][/quote]

damn it. i HATE buying greatest hits, platinum hits, player's choice, etc. but i guess if that's the only option i may have to do that this time.

i'll just put it off until that game is $5 in a used bin :)