helllllp plsssss ;)

first why some of my iso file cannot be indentified in my

easy cd pro 95 in the below the info just say raw(undetectedable)is there a way to make it readable in easy cd pro pls help and also i use cdmage and binchunker to try to convert my bin file to iso file but it just convert it to wav file just like cdmage it can only detect my bin file as audio in there if i choose mode 1 or mode 2 it just say invalid format pls helpppppp :)


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I've never burnt any of those before.

I have no idea if they are any tricks to them.

it cant be identified since its raw

3do doesnt uses an iso9600 filesystem anyway, so dont worry too much about that, just try to burn it (it wont show up as containing any files in windows explorer btw)

usually they are done as bin/cue, but iso should work afaik