Help me remember the name of a movie


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I'm trying to think of a name of a movie.

I can only think of it vaguely.

It came out in either the late 80s or early 90s.

It had something to do with some guys "inventing" some girl or something.

No, it's not a porno.

Does this sound familiar at all?
THE BEST MOVIE EVER! That was one of the first movies i ever saw and can actually remember. I saw it with my cousin when i was like 3. Oh god that's a classic of the 80's. The show was also extremely awesome, one of the best shows of all time as well.
yup that's it -- thanks, as usual, guys!

but I guess the DVD is out of print and used copies are comanding QUITE a premium
While I'm sorry you can't find a cheap used copy for yourself, I'm extremely happy I actually managed to answer a question right for once.
They just don't make movies like that anymore.
I remember this, too, it was actually the first-ever movie that my Dad, my brother and I rented and watched on our new VCR back then.

That scene where those wires touch the picture of a rocket on some magazine and this huge-ass rocket rises up out of the floor with smoke and all... hi-la-rious.

And yeah, Lisa was HOT... The only other movie I even remember seeing her in is that one with Gene Wilder trying to cheat on his wife with her... I think it was called Woman in Red?