Help!  my saturn became flaky!

Hey guys, glad to return to SX, long time and I havent been here.

My saturn (modded) has served me faithfully for the past two years. But this last trip home from college for the summer (brought my saturn home) was strange becuase when I got home and hooked up my saturn, it has serious problems. It takes several minutes to load the forst screen, and the FMV's are skippy as hell, and then the games aren't even playable. I looked at the lens and I don't think it needs to be cleaned but I could be wrong. My theory is possibly the lens got knocked out of calibration on the ride home and now it needs to be readjusted so it's in focus?

I'll buy a CD cleaning kit of anyone thinks thats the problem, but Ive never had that problem in any other applicance. Oh yea, I forgot to mention, it still plays audio cds fine. Weird, huh? Any ideas on how to fix it I greatly appreciate.
It really sounds like something with your lens assembly. On one of my saturns that had the laser power upped to play CD-RW's the same exact thing happened and didn't go away even after returning it to the original setting. Had you done anything like that? Also were there any internal mods you've done to the machine, things oyu may have soldered, etc that could have come loose? That's another likely candidate for unplayable games.

If both those fail. Try swapping in another CD-assembly and powering up the machine with that just to isolate that as the problem. With a CD assemby it could be anything from the motor getting flaky to a sticky lens. Experament a bit.
Yeah, havent opened it up yet. Guess I'll crack it open and take a look at my internal mod job, although I doubt my flawless airforce-quality soldiering is to blame