Help playing Shenmue 2


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I recently picked up a copy of Shenmue 2. I want to play the game, but I do not want to mod the system. Is there a place to download a boot disk so I can play it?


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As long as you download the Utopia Boot disc, you should be ok. I have heard that people have had success with Shenmue 2 and the Utopia boot disc. The only problem I could see with the Utopia one is that some burners don't seem to burn it correctly, but I think the list of incompatible burners are rather small.


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I live in Iowa, and I have two US DC's, and the european version also works in the usa DC's just fine its not really a PAL thing.


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Unless you are talking about a pirated version of Shenmue 2, I think he'll probably need a boot disc. I know a lot of import shops were also selling Shenmue 2 with a boot disc bundle when it first came out. There aren't a lot of PAL games that work on both machines without modding or a boot disc, the only ones I can think of that do are Soul Calibour, and MSR because they have an option to run at different modes. I'm pretty sure SHenmue 2 doesn't have that from what I remember.


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I dont need a bootdisk
I'm European


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Originally posted by brntguy+Aug. Aug. 14 2002, 2:15 am--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(brntguy @ Aug. Aug. 14 2002, 2:15 am)</div><div class='quotemain'>Funny I didnt know this was a european dreamcast? Lmao!![/b]
Funny. I didn't know you were referring to a ****** copy of Shenmue II? LMAO!!

@Aug. 14 2002, 8:14 pm

Things better left unsaid for those who can read between the lines.[/quote]Indeed. :


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Originally posted by brntguy@Aug. 14 2002, 9:29 am

Funny I didnt know this was a european dreamcast? Lmao!!

There are certainly european dreamcasts about!! I live in england and there are quite a few about in second-hand shops now as the thing is sadly dead!!!

Do you think we all still play on Master Systems in europe!!!

I've got Shenmue 2 on the DC, it is difficult to buy in England let alone abroad, hopefully it will be a collectors item!