(HELP) Translate the game "Phantasm"

Hi all,
Sorry for my English but I go through "google translation" to write on this forum.
I just saw that there was the game "Phantasm" on Saturn in 8CDs (exclusively in Japanese) and I remember playing it on PC in French and there is also an English version of course.
I downloaded the PC and saturn versions and the files are much the same. As for the videos, they are in CPK for the Saturn and in WMD for the PC version. The videos have the same names, they would just be enough to put the audio of the PC version on the CPK videos of the saturn.
I managed to extract the videos and transform them into .avi for saturn and the PC but then how to put the videos in CPK format in the right size.
Could someone look into this game knowing that all the rest of the menus are already in English.
This would allow us to finally play this game on our saturn.
Thank you for your contribution.
I'm more of a lurker here... But I think you'll need to be patient, and provide more resources that others can use to help.

After following the Grandia translation for a while, it's obvious this kind of work is not trivial, and our community is still relatively small.

I've never heard of this game but it sounds interesting!


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I don't think you can really expect much enthusiasm for a project like this. Fan translations are usually motivated because a game

  • was never released in the region​
  • Is considered the best version​
  • Is part of a beloved series by fans​
I would argue that Phantasmagoria ticks non of these boxes. It was originally a western PC game that just got an inferior console port on the Japanese Saturn. Translating something like this when there are still so many untranslated Japanese exclusives seems a bit of a wasted effort to me.


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If they're just video files and they're all standard cinepak then see how far you can get using this guide:

OK, thanks. I'm going to try to go on your tutorial. In any case, thank you for your help. I will keep you posted on the progress of the project.
I managed to remake the videos in CPK but I find myself with a black screen as soon as it has to start at the start of the game. Do you think you need to modify another file?
And the videos in the saturn version are like this: 288 x 144 / 10fps.
For the moment I have tried with an introductory video after the launch of the first part but black screen. The video is 14 MB and I replace it with a video in 288 x 144 / 10fps but which is 18 MB.
I have no way to make the same size. After about the size, it does not matter if the videos are 3-4 MB more because the CDs are about 350-400 MB so I would not reach the end of 700 MB.
I can't get a real CPK video. If I give you the videos in .mpg, could you convert them to .CPK. Awaiting your response, thank you.


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I don't know, I have an error message. Certainly because I use an OS emulated.

What's the error message? I used an emulated environment as well and had no problems installing it.

Honestly it sounds more like you should be reaching out to the SheepShaver community for help getting that all set up first.
Well, I finally managed to install quicktime movie 2.5 and convert the video from .avi to .mov.
On the other hand, I cannot find the MovieToSaturn file, I downloaded "Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager Vol. 2 and CPK Viewer Source Codes" but I cannot find this file inside the ISO.
Do you have a direct link to download it?
Thank you.


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Thanks, but what should I do with this cinepak.img file?
open it on mac, i've compressed movietosaturn with shrinkwrap :