Help w/ a PSA.....

I need to do a PSA for my multimedia class? Anyone have any good ideas?

Also, with those good ideas a nice video would be a cartoon that talks about weed or sumthin?

I am mainly looking for funny, but serious would work too. Any ideas?


Having fun with public service announcements are great.

Ok what you should do is talk about drugs ruin your life. You gotta have this:

Two kids standing on a train track with a guy in front of them talking about it. Then they start smoking weed. One goes "NO WAY MAAAAN, THAT STUFF IS WHACK!"

"Whatchoo talkin bout sucka?!"

then the train comes and the weed guy gets hit and the other guy goes SAYY WHHHAAAT
haha, good idea.....but the lack of trains hitting people = a bad thing. I guess I could do it real cheesy like and use puppets or sumthin, haha.


Oh I was thinking do it with real people and then real cheesily cut to two pipe cleaners with a wallet photo of both people on them then the train just is obviously thrown in and it crashes and you do the sound effects yourslf
You could always use that horrible video that was floating around or something a few years ago of the person getting hit by the train.
badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger, mushroom mushroom......badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger. haha, goodtimes.

Something that could be done w/ pre-existing media would be nice...I am a lazy ass and dun wanna get ppl together, make a script and film. Would do it if I had the stuff readily available but I dun wanna go through the hassle of goin through all that checkin out stuff at school, it's a bitch :(.


do you have a scanner?


the budget animation thing would be cool, original, and somewhat easy.

Just draw a few stick figure frames, scan them, and put them in power point with some voice overs.
wouldn't flashmx be just as easy? it needs to be a video in which I edit w/ video editing software. It basically needs to be outputed into a movie format.