Help with CDRWIN (pic included)


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What am I doing wrong??????


you no doubt made a cue sheet with sega cue maker from iso and wav files, i had this problem too dont know what it is but the cue sheet will work in nero but the audio will be out of sync, its ironic that a damn sega cd game is harder to copy than a psx game etc lol because of this damn 50/60hz crap, perhaps someone should make a program that can alter the playback rate of the audio for sega cd games to go at 50hz.

sorry i could not be of any help dude ???
i could sum it up even easier

try using winoncd

as it does iso.mp3 to a t

i have never had any problems

what so ever#

also i suggest using diskjuggler to do bin files as it does not need a cue file at all

trust me its how i do everything

all available on my ftp

details elesewhere