help with screen fit of game (?)

hi, i have a couple of games that i burnt that fit strangely on my ntsc televesions and ntsc saturn. for example it seems too long length wise so some text at the bottom of the screen will be cut off, and it seems compressed width wise. how do i fix this? does this have to do with running sat conv to change country code or something i dunno. please help.
Sounds like something to do with a pal game on an ntsc system... also, your ntsc television may be old, so it could have picture spread (where the gun inside is so old that it can't keep all of the picture within the outermost edges of the tube screen, so you would miss stuff like that). See if the games you burnt were PAL specific... I got Wipeout 2097 for my saturn (aka Wipeout XL -only- for psx over here) and I'm fairly sure the game WAS designed for a PAL system because the track names that come up for each song at the beginning of a race, don't come up far enough from the absolute edge of the image to be seen on my tv.

And also remember that I'm really not sure myself :p What are the games that you are trying to play? what other mroe specific problems are you having?
thanks for your reply. i have brand new tvs so it aint an old tv problem. i think your right about the pal res thing. the games are sega rally and rampage. all my other games are fine. its really that the length is too long so 1 inch or so from the image is cut off or something. as if it were too stetched out length wise or something.
Yeah, the Euro version of Sega Rally is PAL optimised which means full screen and full speed (for a change) for the rest of us.

IIRC NTSC uses 525 lines on the screen and PAL uses 625 so you're bound to get overscanning.
hi. thanks for the reply. thats what i thought since the beginning. but it doesnt do that with all games cus i got more pal games and they seem aight. is there a way to fix this?

anyhow. thanks again for the reply
It only happens with games that are optimized for PAL (i.e. games that use the extra lines), and most games were not optimized for PAL. There are two viable ways to fix this:

1) Get the NTSC version of the game

2) Fit a 50/60Hz switch to your Saturn and run the game on a 50Hz-compatible display.
You should think yourself lucky it only applies to one or two games you have. Here we have borders around most games.. At least some now give the option of 60hz. Since I don't have a scart cable for my PS2, it's in black and white anyway. You should play Virtua Fighter 4 in 50hz, it's all bunched up and sooo slooooow. I'm not even playing it until I can play it in 60hz. By the way, does anyone have a PS2 scart cable? There's an ad in the VF4 box for the euro A/V cable, I take it that this is the thing to get (not that I can find it anywhere) for 60hz in colour..
would a 5 in 1 type cart with conversion fix this if i dont feel like putting a hz switch?. oh, btw. was virtua fighter 3 ever mad eon saturn? i really doubt it but i saw it listed on a saturn site in the games to look out for. and it wasnt like a future release list cus all the other games there were fairly common games. it was more like a good games to look out for type of list. must be an error.
A 5 in 1 cart would not help - it only deals with region protection, not the issues arising from playing import games on your Saturn.

And no, Virtua Fighter 3 eventually came out on the Dreamcast.