After days of searching i have found it to be damn near impossible to find rips of Neo Geo Cd. I would start a mutual ftp for people to upload and download from, but my hard drive is only 3 gigs. So im asking if anyone wants to start one, or has one. Because as of right now this is the only place i know of where there is a scene dedicated to neo geo cd.

actually, have you tried, they have a TON of iso/mp3 rips there, sometimes they are down but alot of the times they are up....just do not download thier rip of RB2 Newcomers, its not complete, I had to rip my own songs from the cart, and place them in the right spots on the cd for all the music to play....and its too bad, I have all the other cd games they dont have but they dont seem to be intrested in any more iso/mp3 rips to add to thier page.