Heros Test

Im doing the heros test on SHining Force part 3 part 1 and im on the last bit with the skull mage i have had too goes at it and did ok the first time but lost alot of characters so started from my save at the start of that level.

Has anyone got any hints to completing this without losing too many people like tactics or attacks he does not like. thanx
Spread your character out and attack one at a time, or go everyone at once. There is a benefit for both:

1. Everyone at a time: This will make the mage only pound one guy at a time.

2. Everyone at once: The damage from the spell is spread out, and it won't kill anyone, but you have to heal like crazy, the more hit, the less damage they all get.

I am sorry I am so vague, but I haven't playied this game in a long time.
Thanx man i kinda used the same tactics as i did the first time i played it but made sure i bunched my charcters together so the skull mages attacks werent so damaging but the High Priests spark can hit alot of characters when bunched up but it wasnt too bad.

If anyone wants to know some tips from what i did ill tell you:

1.Bunch your characters surronding the Skull Mage to spread his attcks over many people so there is less damage to each person.

2.let the blue dragon come to you and then kill it quickly.

3.Leave the High Priests and try to keep ur distance from them while u surrond the Skull Mage.

4. Use Resist spell on as many characters as you can.

5. And use Murasame's slow spell on the Skull Mage to decrease his defence.

6. I found the magic the Mage seemed to get damaged by most was Blaze so i used Blaze 4 alot and Phoneix magic seemed to do alot of damage.

So if your having trouble try some of these tactics and its not as hard as i thought it would be.