Translating Shining Force 3 [All Scenarios]


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Decided to make a new post on this to keep it up to date.

Today we released version 22 of our long running translation patch.

You can find out all the info you need and the patch at The Shining Force III Translation Project (

A brief summary of changes include some better accurate translations of scene.

  • Overlapping class and level text on the record loading screen fixed (all scenarios)
  • The Titan’s barrier can be broken with the Elbesem Orb, so it can be defeated as in the Japanese version (Sc1 NA and PAL)
  • The mixed-up lines after the Catacombs (Sc1 battle 27) fixed. Basanda had an extra line in the PAL version that was removed. (Sc1 PAL)
  • Garosh bug fixed. This caused Garosh to lose stats instead of gaining when reaching levels 20-29 after his final promotion to Bow Master. (Sc3 and PD)
  • 60 Character bug fixed for the Premium Disc, previously if the gameshark was used to add Rogan, another character had to be removed. This fix allows
  • Storich South Desert area (Sc1) was Aspia South Desert, but is south of Storich
  • Aspinia Mage enemy (Sc1) was Aspia Mage, but is used in other armies
  • Fortress Gate enemy (Sc3) was Castle Gate, but is the gate of Barrier Fortress
  • Bulzome Temple area (Sc3) small cleanup
  • Lessor Demon (Sc3) re-verified translation
  • Durahan (Sc3) re-verified translation
  • Thunder Wand (PD) Jane’s weapon and weapon description in the PD when you recruit her at the end of Sc3.

  • Ch5 in Flagard HQ, advice states the priest might have more information about what is happening in the castle. This should avoid confusion about what to do next.

  • Rollie join dialog with Jane cleaned up
  • Ch3 after the Kudan/Yasha battle, Campbell is now aware Julian traveled with the Synbios army as he should be.
  • Turk join dialog cleaned up
  • Stella and Rogan bookcase entries ghosting fixed.

I would like to note that while it is ok to address any technical issues here since I am the sole developer, I would like to ask any translation issues be brought up over at shining force central to allow any member of our team to address issues that may arise.