[Help] Shining Force 3 - Japanese Translator

Hi, I´m currently working with the Traslation Team ( only one translator - busy with Scenario 2- at the moment, the others proofread the english sentences and me and legalize freedom - member who started the team- are currently inserting the text within the program and adding line breaks and text effects.


You can see what this game is about here: Shining Force Central - Main Page

For the Translation forum: Shining Force Central Forums -> SFIII Translation Project

As for the Scripts already available, they can be found, here: Shining Force Central - Game Scripts & Translations

If you want to help with the project, or is familiar with this game, is welcome to join. As for my part, I will gladly thank anyone who could help with it. I wouldn´t even mind giving a donation or two for the help given!

There are some examples of what is wrriten, I believe this is Kanji right? I´m sorry if I´m wrong but the main program does have a Kanji database so I guess that´s it.

These are some just examples

なんと 寄付金が足りないですぞ残念ながら 治療はできませぬ

の 呪いを解くには金貨枚が必要ですよろしいな?

しかし なにも 見つからなかった - "Nothing was found"

These are seen withing the program "SF3Studios" made by knight0fdragon which is already very good, which let us replace the entire text there is, even adding colors-font size, etc but only thsoe inserting need to work with it.

Right now, most of Scenario 2 is done. I would say about 95% of the story and 70% of shops/churches

Scenario 3 which currently, there is no translator for it, is missing the entire towns dialogue and bookcases, being the story dialogue about 95% completed.

If anyone wants to help, either go to the Forums and message legalize freedom or me "Seijuro Hiko" or mail me at jone2k5@gmail.com .

If this is not the place or if it´s against the rules, I apologize.. but still, if you do know of a place where this is more suitable or where there´s a higher chance of getting luck finding some who is able to do the work, please tell! Thanks
The Shining Force Central is one the best site for sega saturn user´s and Shining Force fans. Congratulations Seijuro Hiko!!!

Sorry. I,m don´t understand nothing the japanese.