Hey a few questions

Hey I'm new here so hi!

Just got back into my Sega CD, and was overjoyed that Snatcher was still sitting in the CD tray right where I left it. (Wish I still had the case/book) After raving about the game to my friend, he finally convinced me to make a bin/cue of the game...and he is "impressed" by the game.

Now a question, I'll make more games in my collection available but I wanna know the right way to do it. I've got cable, so size of the file isn't a concern and all that fun stuff.

So is Bin/Cue the best way to go? Or should I think of another way to archive the files?

Also, is there any way possible to get a Genesis 3 to hook up to a Sega CD? I have model 1, 2, and 3...but model 1 is broke, and until I can get that repaired one of my SEGA CD units (I've got two model two units...I thought one was broken but it turns out it was the genesis 1 that was broke) is without a Genesis and feels lonly.
Bin/cue is the best format for uploading game CDs, but only if the FTP owner wants them. They tend to be bigger than iso/mp3 games.

Bin/cue gives you an exact copy which can be important. Especially for Snatcher.
genesis 3 doesn't have the connector, and most likely not even the needed cpu instructions to interface with a scd.
it might have.

example: gargoyles runs fine on a model 1+2 and nomad, but will show the same bug as it used to have on emulators (you constantly die right after starting the game) on a genesis 3.
I'm pretty sure that Gargoyles depends on a VDP (or bus controller) bug that makes part of a particular instruction *not* work as documented under certain conditions.
pardon my stupidity but im curious

is genesis 3 the one where the bios shows the black copyright screen when you boot up? was there any advantage in using it?
that copyright screen has been there starting with the model 1 genesis already. only the first series didn't have it, any later model 1, and model 2+3 have it.

the "advantage" of the bios was that unlicensed games (i.e. Ishido) will not work on those machines.

the genesis 3 has one advantage: size. it's tiny and very light.
I think Sega internally referred to the first BIOS model as the "Genesis 3". I remember seeing several references to it when reading about Sega v. Accolade. Of course, that's probably in terms of electronic revisions rather than case revisions. IIRC, changes were made to the case on the first BIOS versions, but they weren't very big changes; e.g. removing the "High Definition Graphics" text.
yes the genesis 3 has 1 less prossecor than 1*2

Want proof try hooking up a power base adapter to it and a old sms game .

Nomad doesnt have this chip either